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Платно Loft Sails Racing Blade FR - 1 Преглед отблизо

Платно Loft Sails Racing Blade FR

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Платно Loft Sails Racing Blade FR

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  • The Loft Blade FR

    is a leading design in international Formula racing, powering Gonzalo Costa Hovel to podium positions in the 2013 and 2014 Formula World Championships. Dennis Littel won the Dutch national Formula title 7 years running with his Blade FRs.

    The new version Loftsails Blade FRs combine optimized upwind ability with powerful drive for speed on deep downwind legs.

    Blade FRs are unique:
    • Internal Kevlar strip applications that define shape profile and maintain shape stability- vertical and horizontal (at cams) orientation.
    • Alternate side batten pocket applications with xply pockets (centered battens).
    • ITS Internal Batten Tensioning System: top 3 all-carb tube battens with the batten tensioners located at the front, behind the mast. Weight optimization for extreme leech response.
    • Teckam2s - simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable. 4 Large Teckam2s installed in each Blade FR size.
    • Metallic cam interfaces.
    • Blade FRs are engineered with 100% carbon tubed battens in specific locations.
    • Blade mast pocket construction: Equalized loading between the mast panel (interior) and the pocket (exterior). The result is tensioned, firm mast pockets and exceptional durability.








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