Платно Goya Banzai 3.4m2

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Goya Banzai 3.4m2.

Супер леко платно за уиндсърф каране в агресивни условия и смели експерименти. Цялото е армирано с X-Ply за максимална здравина.

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The current Banzai comes with a massively improved range. A low, locked center of effort delivers incredible light wind performance as well as effortless high wind control. The Banzai drives through turns on the water and flight paths in the air with powerful, positive and predicable control.

The new 3 mil Kevlar scrim in the tack and perimeter panels resists puncture and tears and maintains a smooth surface in the active leech section of the sail. The current Banzai comes in two new signature color combinations, two new standard combinations with blended color accents and a new white combination for understatement. Updated sizing offers dream quiver choices.

The Banzai concept is all about generating as much lift as possible in a smaller sail size. Because of the tight leech and central draft profile, the Banzai provides extremely quick planing, plus quick and responsive handling in maneuvers. Super quick rake and sheet angle adjustments are effortless on this sail.

The huge monofilm window provides incredible visibility through the sail allowing you to anticipate your path through the water ahead.

The Banzai X Pro is for rougher days, riskier jumps, bolder experiments. It still feels at home in Hawaii, but this sail loves to travel, go places, get out and sail, for days, weeks or years

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