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Неопрен гумиран Ascan C3 Titan

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Неопренов костюм Ascan C3

4mm дебелина на неопрена, изцяло гумирана Mesh материя с титаниеви нишки, която не пропуска вятър и вода и осигурява изключителна топлина. Лепени, шити и подлепени шевове, което осигурява голяма здравина. В областта на раменете материята е изключително разтеглива, което позволява свобода на движението

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За температура на водата от 6-7 до 15-18 градуса (за пролетните и есенните месеци, когато водата е по-студена). Вертикален цип от най-висок клас, устойчив на корозия и всякакви водни и температурни условия. Ципът има каишка за самостоятелно закопчаване. Титаниеви нишки са вградени в материята и рефлектират топлината обратно към тялото, което осигурява комфорт дори и при много ниски тепмератури. Материята е еластична и здрава. Подлепени и шити шевове за по-голяма здравина и непропускливост на вода. Осигурява изключителна свобода на движение, дори при плуване.

ASCAN C3 Function 4 mm

The ASCAN C3 Titan convinces serious aquatic athletes around the world not only with its sharp looks but also due to its excessive amount of smart features and characteristics.
The eponymous full body titanium coating works complementary with the high quality TopFlex Neoprene material on arms and shoulders resulting in a massive cold shield within the suit. Your upper body is nicely temperature protected by a 4mm (.16in) strong Neoprene layer, as are your arms and legs with Neoprene strengths of 3mm (.12in). Most of the C3 is made out of smooth skin Neoprene which further enhances the suit's heat conserving qualities.
Extremely tough laminated (clad) Neoprene can be found in those areas where Neoprene suits often times go bad: Armpit, endings and hollow of the knee are under constant strain and friction and laminated Neoprene is a very smart material choice for these areas. Therefore ASCAN successfully prolongs the C3's lifespan above most conventional suits of this price range while still keeping up the temperature inside! The latter is also supported by the watertight-sealed and glued blind stitch seams that keep cold water outside of your suit. Easy entry legs let you slip in and get out of your C3 hassle free and within seconds. Furthermore the overall comfort of this quality suit is greatly enhanced by its unbelievable flexibility - for any aquatic athlete who is obsessed with liberty of action and comfort!
The ASCAN C3 Titan is a superb compromise for all those who are looking for a VERY well made semi-dry suit but do not want to pay a fortune to get one. Consequently the C3 Titan is the first choice for all water sports professionals of the future and those who are still on their way there.
The C3 Titan model is available for both men and women. Please choose your desired size accordingly in our configurator below the price tag.


  • For men and women
  • Body 4 mm
  • Body 4 mm smooth skin
  • Arms and legs 3 mm smooth skin
  • Endings/armpit/hollow of the knee 2.5 mm clad
  • Blind stitch seams sewn and glued
  • Easy entry legs
  • Fully titanium coated
  • Arms and shoulders made from TopFlex neoprene
  • Extremely flexible
  • High wear comfort
  • Long sleeves
  • Reliable protection against cold
  • Very inexpensive
  • For men and women

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