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Лепило за неопрен Gul Neoprene Repair Kit

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Лепило за неопрен Gul Neoprene Repair Kit.

Съдържа течен неопренов материал, който прониква в материята. В комплекта има и неопренови кръпки.

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Gul Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit new from Gul this superb neoprene repair kit including the liquid neoprene adhesive, Black Witch.

Regularly used in the industry Black Witch Adhesive is a quick drying neoprene adhesive especially formulated for use on neoprene to repair nicks, cuts, etc. Superb for those little repair jobs.

This handy repair kit is complete with pre-cut neoprene patches.

Blackwitch Adhesive is a flexible and strong, liquid neoprene adhesive ideal for all manner of neoprene repairs - the most recognised neoprene adhesive, make it a part of your water sports repair kit.

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