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Мачта RDM Loft 340cm 100% Carbon

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Performance on the water is directly influenced by the carbon content of your mast. Greater carbon content = optimum performance. Carbon turbo-charges your windsurfing experience. Performance you can feel...
All Loft Masts are 100% high-modulus carbon pre-preg:
# the fastest possible reflex-response,
# the lightest possible weight,
# the greatest possible rig stability... windsurfing unlimited.
Utilizing 100% high modulus carbon pre-preg, Loftmasts are built to last...
Loftmasts are carefully controlled in design and construction to have constant-curve flex character. All Loftmasts measure 64% bend at base (lower 1/4), 76% bend at tip (upper 1/4).
The LoftMast range 2007 is quality and simplicity.
Advanced construction = Advanced performance
Autoclave processes
Loftmasts are constructed using carbin fiber pre-pregs which are cured using a temp-specific autoclave process. The result produces masts with the highest possible laminate qualities: no air entrapm.

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