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Намалена цена! Страпове, дръжка и падове Liquid Force Profile - 1 Преглед отблизо

Страпове, дръжка и падове Liquid Force Profile

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Страпове, дръжка и падове Liquid Force Profile.

Настройка на ъгъла, бърза настройка на натягането чрез въже, ергономична форма, двуслойни падове.

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Liquid Force Profile Straps/Pads

Sound the trumpets! Liquid Force has delivered a kiteboard footstrap that delivers consistent quality and won't break the bank. The Liquid Force Profile Footstraps allow for easy customization and adjustment, designed with comfort in mind. When you find yourself too comfortable, Liquid Force made sure to integrate a toe-bar into the plush pad, allowing you to lock your toes and hang on for dear life as you launch into that rally. The muted color scheme allows for easy pairing with any board.

Profile Kiteboard Strap Features

- Impact X-Chasis
- 50mm non stretch webbing
- Heavy duty closure
- Ultra soft neoprene lining
- Insert traction

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