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Помпа за кайт Liquid Force Max Flow Shaft - 1 Преглед отблизо

Помпа за кайт Liquid Force Max Flow Shaft

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Помпа за кайт Liquid Force с преходник за Max Flow система. Чрез нея кайтовете се помпат по-бързо и с по-малко усилие.

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Max Flow
The world's fastest way to inflate your kite. Pump faster. Pump smarter.
Want to pump up your kite in 40% less time? Of course you do. Even better, you'll get to do it with the only pump on the market that won't give you a backache. The Liquid Force Max Flow one-way high-airflow valve fills your kite faster than ever. Combine that with the integrated pressure gauge, and you've got the best kite pump on the planet. Your pump is a tool. Make if work for you.

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