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Намалена цена! Кайт дъска Liquid Force Carbon Drive 139 - 1 Преглед отблизо

Кайт дъска Liquid Force Carbon Drive 139

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Кайт дъска Liquid Force Carbon Drive 139

Стабилна, здрава и лека дъска с вдлъбната форма, дървена сърцевина и асиметрични интегрирани канали. Проектирана за лесно качване срещу вятъра, дъската е подходяща за всякакви условия. Въпреки карбона използван при направата и, дъската е достатъчно еластична и комфортна при каране.

Размер: 139 x 41.5

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 The carbonated version of the Drive features a single concave from tip to tip with a simple bottom shape and rounded square tips. With 4.0 fins and a fairly straight rocker, the Drive feels incredibly efficient through the water, yet is both forgiving in the worst chop but overall offers a fun, skatey and forgiving ride. When you romp on your heel side edge the Drive tends to hammer upwind which makes this board a great all arounder that does everything fairly well with solid fun factor peformance. Compared to the standard Drive (tested last year), we think this version offers a little stiffer flex pattern where you can pound out a bit more load and pop in freestyle and you will notice the reduced weight anytime you leave the water, particularly during rotations. The Drive features three stance width adjustments and a series of stance duck adjustments. The straps have different adjustments for width within the footpad and the strap itself feels incredibly plush and comfy with a terry cloth lining and a clean adjustment system that is easy to make changes on the fly. The footbeds have a nice rubber texture and come with three different density inserts so you can adjust the density of the footbed to your liking as well as subtle heel cupping and a nice toe bump that keeps you glued to the Drive. Testers gave these strap/pad combo high praise for comfort and control.

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