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Намалена цена! Уиндсърф дъска Quatro Wave Premium 72L - 1 Преглед отблизо

Уиндсърф дъска Quatro Wave Premium 72L

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Уиндсърф дъска Quatro Wave Premium PVC 72L

Length : 237.5 cm
Width : 53.6 cm

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The Quatro WAVE SINGLE FIN is the ideal choice of boards for any type of wave conditions around the world. The early planning and forgiving feel are the key concepts of this line of boards, giving the rider the comfort and control to feel at home anywhere he or she desires to sail.

The WAVE SINGLE FIN line is now even more complete with a 64 liter board with very specific characteristics emphasizing maximum speed and control. This board is not just an extension of the range, it offers great performance and control for high winds, wavy and choppy conditions. The New 64 will be your best choice when sailing in strong wind conditions or if you are a lighter sailor looking for a board with top performance.

The larger sizes of WAVE SINGLE FIN boards keep the important characteristics of early planning and forgiving feel with our progressive concept design. The greater the volume, the earlier the board will plain and the more stable it will become. This gives the rider a progressive range to perform as the conditions change.

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