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Хилка за тенис на маса Spokey Progress FL

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Хилката за тенис на маса Spokey Progress FL е неизменима част от оборудването на всеки, който оценява бързата игра със силна ротация и контрол. За производството и са използвани само висококачествени материали.

Повече детайли

Повече информация

Дръжките на хилките за тенис обикновено се правят във версии със следните обозначения: AN(анатомично), FL(разширено) и ST(прав).
Моделът Progress e проектиран с две дръжки:
AN, където дръжката е леко изпъкнала в средната част и е по-подходяща за хора с по-големи ръце.
FL, където дръжката е по-широка в крайната си точка, в края, и по-тясна в централната си точка- този модел е предпочитан от хора с по-малки ръце.
При модела Progress са използвани естествени материали- твърдо дърво, облицовано от двете страни с висококачествен каучук върху пяна с дебелина 2.0 мм.

Такава комбинация от материали позволява да се получат параметри, които са оптимални за по-опитни и нападателни играчи, които предпочитат да играят бързо със силна ротация и контрол.
Сертификатът ITTF( Международна федерация по тенис на маса) потвърждава, че хилката Spokey Progress отговаря на най-високите международни стандарти.
Това е хилка за забавление, на напреднало ниво.


Слоеве: 7
Сцепление: FL
Гъба: 2.0 мм
Скорост:(1/10): 9
Въртене:(1/10): 8
Контрол:(1/10): 7


Enter the world of table tennis with us. Take advantage of what the Spokey brand offers and see how interesting and involving this sport is.

    It is a treat to both the quick and the strategists.

    Do you love adrenaline, quick strikes, and strategy planning? If so, table tennis is a perfect sport for you. You can see for yourself how misleading the appearances can be by watching the matches between professional players. It might seem that the playing field limited to a small (in comparison to tennis court dimensions) table does not leave any space for showing one’s skills. And yet, it does! When you play table tennis, the whole of your body is involved, starting with the upper parts that are responsible for hitting the ball with precision, and ending with legs that do not remain idle even for a moment. What is extremely important in this game is thinking and planning your moves in such a way as to surprise the opponent. It is not the strength of hitting that wins the match, but the precision and an interesting rotation given to the ball.

    Playing in any conditions

    Can one play table tennis, also known as ping-pong, at home? Of course. To play a match it is required to use the right table, but the very first attempts at training can be made successfully at home – for example by bouncing the ball on the racket and thus exercising precision and giving the ball rotation when hitting it.

The Spokey Progress table tennis racket is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who values playing quick and with strong rotation and control.


rapid3  QUALITY

We set high requirements for our equipment and therefore we make our best effort to make sure that only the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing it.


rapid3  COMFORT

The handles of table tennis rackets are usually made in versions with the following designations: AN (anatomic), FL (flared) and ST (straight).

The Progress model has been designed with two handle versions:

AN, where the handle has a slight bulge in the middle part and is more readily chosen by people with larger hands.

FL, where the handle is wider at its extreme point, at the end, and narrower in the central point – this one is preferred by people with smaller hands.

Thanks to that the user can decide on their own which handle they find more comfortable.



In both the handle and the paddle of the Progress model there has been employed a natural material – hard wood, lined on both sides with high quality rubber on 2.0 mm thick foam.

Such a combination of materials allows obtaining parameters that are optimal to more experienced and offensive players, who prefer playing quick, with strong rotation and control.



The certificate of ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) confirms that the Spokey Progress racket conforms to the highest international standards.



It is a racket for recreational playing, at an advanced level, in roofed spaces.


Layers: 7
Grip: FL/AN
Sponge: 2,0 mm
Speed (1/10): 9
Spin (1/10): 8
Control (1/10): 7

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