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Full range of windsurfing rentals:
Equipment Time length
Surf board3-10 days30BGN / day
Windsurf2 days50BGN / day
Windsurf3-5 days30BGN / day
Windsurf6-10 days25BGN / day
Windsurf11-15 days20BGN / day
Windsurf1 month400BGN
Board only2 days35BGN / day
Board only3-5 days20BGN / day
Board only6-10 days17BGN / day
Board only11-15 days15BGN / day
Board only1 month300BGN
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)2 days35BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)3-5 days20BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)6-10 days17BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)11-15 days15BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)1 month300BGN
Prices are in BGN, tax included. Other than that specified periods are negotiable. Due to deposit depending on the equipment and the duration of use, usually 500 1000 BGN.