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Windsurf board F2 Axxis 2in1 105L

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Windsurf board
F2 Axxis 2in1, Volume 105L

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The Axxis Board is designed to be one of the finest freeride wave boards on the market.
It is a board for riders who are going to use the Axxis as their smallest board. And it is also a board for riders who are going to use the Axxis as their largest board.
The planing ability is superb and the gybes are eff ortless. The Axxis has the guts and the speed to challenge freeracers. It has a well trimmed stance and off ers control at its finest.
And now you might be interested in how it works without the tail?
From our perspective the Axxis is not a groundbreaking innovation but a clever and logical progression. You use your board on flatwater and the wind gets too strong? You start losing control? Your drive gets too fast and too bumpy to gybe? What you have to do now is to simply unscrew the tail, using a smaller fin and going out again. The control will be back and you are able to turn on the tail of the F2 Rebel like never before.
The expert can use the F2 in 1 Axxis for lower wind waveriding. The intermediate rider will love the Axxis to learn
waveriding in small to medium waves. It turns nicely
over your backfoot and the volume in the nose gives you
that litt le extra fl oat to make some nice turns in
conditions that are not ideal.

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